To understand the magic that is created on stage, you would need to consider the creation of Redwings. The musician’s story would go something like this: Ross walked into a bar to watch a reputable band. Having been informed that the drummer had not turned up; he played the full set. Impressed by Scott’s charm and stunning vocals, they talked about their favourite alt. country artist, Ryan Adams, who quickly became the new topic. Two names were immediately suggested by the drummer in anticipation of completing the line-up. A chance meeting in a guitar shop months later would revive the idea and witnessed the introduction of Will on lead guitar; a week later Rich was confirmed on bass. The first 3 songs were covers of Ryan Adams, and Redwings have never looked back.


In reality, the four members are perfectionists in their trade. They spent most of their adolescent years in numerous line ups, perfecting the art of playing and performing live. They currently have over 30 years of experience between them at present. Often considered the ‘geeky band’ by their own admission, Redwings are a forced to be reckoned with. The explosion of Redwings onto the pub scene, witnessed some daring and innovative covers. Those days seemed to be in the past; but their confidence, repertoire, and quality has rapidly grown.


Today, Redwings are the hidden gem of the North-East. You can find them playing at local pubs and bars, cheekily dropping in covers from their favourite alt. country artist. Contrastingly, you may see them well polished on the prestigious wedding scene. Whatever the occasion, Redwings are leaving their audiences speechless!


Fronted by an astounding vocal display by Scott, the band as a collective are oozing quality: Redwings never disappoint! Each live performance is tailored to be unique as a snowflake; created for that moment in time, for that special occasion, to be lost as the night comes to a close. With new gigs, guarantees new expectations from within the band. Their endless quest to improve and better themselves can only be admired.


One could conclude, that the success of Redwings, is down to their individual talent and years of hard work. Redwings were formed under the breakup of numerous bands of the past. Their new vision of being the next ‘golden generation’ of musicians is clearly in sight.


Furthermore, behind the scenes, the Redwing boys have never been closer. Lifelong friendships have been forged within the band’s line-up. Trust and faith offstage, strengthens them onstage. They have an exceptional belief within themselves, that on stage, anything is possible. New barriers can be crushed and new standards will be set.


We have tried to give you an insight into the Redwings, how they formed, and the approach to how they perform. Nevertheless, to fully understand Redwings, it is essential to see them live.


Ultimately, it’s a cocktail of all mentioned reasons to why Redwings are the band to hire, but whoever they are, their belief in music will always remain.


Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”; Plato. 

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